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Introduction - What is Redelivery?

USPS Redelivery is that how the Postal Service gets a mail piece, package, or Extra Services item to you when it cannot be delivered for the first time because of any issue (this issue can be faced because of late delivery etc).

  • - A signature or postage and/or fees are required; and/or
  • - The item(s) do not fit into the mailbox; and/or
  • - The item(s) cannot be left in a secure position.

USPS Redelivery Packages and Mail

How does Redelivery Handle Priority Mail Express?

If the delivery man can't send your item (for example when nobody can sign, or the recipient has either applied for signature or did not apply for' Waiver of Signature'), they'll leave the PS Form 3849, We'll send to you! (After the priority mail express attempt, there are no automated redelivery attempts).

If the user does not provide their nearest Post Office TM to collect the post, the user must send a second form of PS Form 3849 on the third calendar day following the initial attempt.

USPS Redelivery Schedule a Request.jpg

How does Redelivery Handle an Ordinary Mail piece (Item with No Extra Services)?

When someone is normally eligible to accept packages, but the first attempt of the courier is not possible to deliver an ordinary packet (This issue is usually comes from delivery man), a package without any additional services, the second delivery attempt is made the next business day and no first attempt is permitted in the PS form 3849. If the parcel cannot be received during the second attempt, PS Form 3849 will be left at the address stating the parcel is kept.

If nobody has the parcel and the operator knows then there will be no parcel payable at the address by someone; the PS form 3849 is finalized and withdrawn following the first attempt. In the absence of information on the purchase of parcels, PS Form 3849 is left following the first attempt. Further precautions are only taken at the customer's request

How does Redelivery Handle Accountable Mail (Items Requiring a Signature)?

When the delivery is first attempted and no one is available to receive it, the letter carrier leaves a PS form, that is redelivered for you!

1. This form tells the sender that an item is kept in the Post Office for them and is ready for collection the next day.

2. The addressee also has the option to return the item; the item is not immediately retrieved.

3. A second delivery alert will be received 5 days after leaving the first notice.

4. Each item is kept for a certain amount of days (usually 15 days) based on the specific service.

5. The item is returned to the recipient if it is not requested.

How long does USPS Redelivery take?

Packages with a missing and illegible return address typically go to a lost-mail service. The 15-day holding period typically begins on the day of the first delivery attempt. It is important to note: It is often best to act quickly to ensure a smooth return or collection of the package.

How do I request a USPS Redelivery?

Regardless of your USPS redelivery tracking status (e.g. sender return), you need to call. Even if the tracking tells you that it is going home, call as it can be halted or changed until you via the USPS main line, you should always try calling your nearest USPS office.

If you call an automated system, specify "redelivery" and provide the tracking number and other required data. Write always the confirmation number for redelivery barcode, in future you might need it.

If you agree to appoint another individual, you shall be given sufficient information about the package if you plan to collect the redelivery package for you. The appointee must belong to the family of the addressee, a sender's employee or the recipient's agent Questions to confirm approval may be asked.

USPS Redelivery Mail